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Beam calculator


  • calculations in unitary and parametric systems

  • calculations of statically determinate Cantilever Beam, Simply Supported and Multi-Span Beam

  • checking static determinacy

  • calculate reaction forces in supports

  • step by step calculation of Normal Forces, Shear Forces and Bending Moments for beams

  • creating diagrams of internal forces (Normal Forces, Shear Forces and Bending Moments)

  • export results to MS Word or PDF file

Discover the possibilities of the beam calculator

Beam span calculator is:

  • Step-by-step solution - just like solving a beam analytically

  • In the user panel you have access to your solutions

  • The solution contains links to articles describing the methods used

  • Unlimited number of examples
Determining internal forces in a beam - Solveredu
beam calculator, solveredu, bending moment diagram

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How to use the Beam Span Calculator:
  1. Tab "Length":

    • Enter the length of the beam you want to calculate.

    • Set the appropriate units.

    • Check the box "Plot Normal Forces" if you need to calculate normal forces in the beam.

    • Check "Reverse Moment Plot Sign" if you want positive values on the bending moment diagram to be below the horizontal axis.

    • Press the "Update" button to save the changes.

  2. Tab "Supports":

    • Choose the type of support and place it at any point on the beam. Available types of supports include:

      • Pin support

      • Roller support

      • Internal hinge

      • Fixed support

    • Label the support by completing the "Symbol" field.

    • Press the "Add" button. The support will be added to the beam schematic.

  3. Tab "Loads":

    • Choose the type of load and place it at any point on the beam. Available types of loads include:

      • Point load

      • Bending moment

      • Uniformly distributed load

      • Non-uniformly distributed load

    • Fill in the required fields and press "Add".

    • The load will be added to the beam schematic.

  4. Verify that all entered data is correct. If necessary, use the "Edit" button for a specific support or load.

  5. Press "Calculate".

  6. You will be redirected to a new page with the results for your task. You can save the result to a MS Word or PDF file.​​

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