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An educational platform for calculating tasks in mechanics and strength of materials, thanks to which you will get a step-by-step solution. You can save complete results and charts to an MS Word or PDF file

Available calculators


The beam calculator will allow you to solve any static determinate beam. You will determine the reaction, internal forces, axial forces (N), shear forces (T) and bending moments (M). Solver will also draw graphs of these forces. You can export the obtained results to an MS Word or PDF file.


The moment of inertia calculator will allow you to calculate the center of gravity, the moment of inertia of a surface, the product of inertia of  and the main moments of inertia for plane figures. You can save the obtained results to an MS Word file.


The torsion calculator will allow you to calculate twisting moments, shear stress and rod twist angle. Solver will also draw graphs of these forces. You can export the obtained results to an MS Word file.

Torsion calculator


The truss calculator will allow you to calculate the reactions and normal forces in the truss members using the node separation method. Step by step analytical solution. You can save the obtained results to an MS Word file in the form of a report.


The normal force calculator will allow you to calculate normal forces, normal stress and elongation of the bar. You can export the obtained results to an MS Word file.

Example report - Beam calculator

Example Report - Tension calculator

What is solverEdu?

SolverEdu is a cloud computing platform used to calculate tasks in the field of mechanics, strength of materials and FEM. Statics, kinematics and dynamics are the branches of mechanics covered by our platform. We offer solutions in the field of:

  • mechanics tasks

  • calculation of the beam's bending moment

  • reactions in supports

Our platform allows you to perform calculations of beams, frames, trusses and generate:

  • bending moment diagram

  • cutting force diagram

  • axial force diagram

Our calculators are highly configurable, which means you can choose different types of supports and loads. The calculator is fully functional, so visit ours Beam calculator to get started! Our tool will work for all statically determinate beams and will handle point loads, concentrated moments and uniformly distributed loads, as well as triangular and trapezoidal loads. It is also extremely flexible and customizable, allowing you to generate your own layouts.

This is an extremely useful tool for university, college and high school students who have to painstakingly draw bending moment diagrams and shear force diagrams for assignments and exercises, especially for multi-span beams with many joints. Additionally, our platform allows you to customize the units so that the results meet your needs.

Also try Normal Force Calculator (tension and compression). In the first step, the solver calculates the reaction in the restraint. It will then calculate the normal forces, stresses, and extension or shortening of the bar for each compartment. It will carry out the calculations step by step, so everything will be understandable to you. Finally, the calculator will draw graphs of the calculated values of internal forces for individual compartments of the bar.

A big advantage of our applications is the ability to save results to MS Word or PDF format. Thanks to this, you will be able to make any modifications to the results in the equation editor if necessary. You can also format the received data any way you want. On our platform, after logging in, you have access to all your calculations. You can return to your analyzes at any time and export the results obtained as many times as you want.


We encourage you to try our solvers. We will soon add more to our offer.

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"Very informative and helpful private lessons worth the price."


14 Nov 2023
"I highly recommend. The material for the exam was explained in a quick and understandable way."


20 Sep 2023
“Very good and helpful tutoring. Jacek knows his stuff and is able to convey this knowledge, which is not common in this type of subjects/topics. The classes are "relaxed" without unnecessary stress, great communication and the ability to agree on a class date. I recommend"

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